Moving to a Portfolio PMO


Are you long used to supporting a big program in the PMO and ready to make the evolution into joining a portfolio PMO? Such a move could present exciting new opportunities to get involved in strategy. In a post for the PM Perspectives Blog, Lindsay Scott outlines the considerations to ...

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Is Your PMO Healthy?


Does your PMO have sparkly teeth and a rosy hue? Can it do 50 pushups in one minute? For those looking to make their PMOs as fit and robust as possible, Deepa Bagal writes for the PM Hut about five elements of PMO health. Five Health Monitors Method

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Disorder in the PMO: Pros and Cons


Some people thrive in an orderly environment, while others need a little chaos to keep things interesting. Neither is necessarily better than the other, merely different styles. In a post for Duration-Driven, the idea of a little disorder in the project management office (PMO) is discussed, and why it may ...

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