Call3 for a Better Project


From popped tires to quiz shows, phone-a-friend is a valid option to get through many of life’s challenges. In a post for HotPMO, John McIntyre describes a process he concocted that draws on the same principle. He introduces the idea of “Call3”: “When project managers initiate new projects, they must ...

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A Five-Phase Approach to Launching a PMO


Having a project management office (PMO) is never a bad idea. PMOs offer the potential to positively transform a business, making them a hot area for improvement. In a post for Voices on Project Management, Mario Trentim explains the five-phase process to best implement a PMO: Assess Define Implement Improve ...

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3 Year-End Tasks PMOs Overlook


December—the month where people who matter go on vacation and everyone else phones it in. Does that sound right? Well, hopefully not, but things do tend to slow down. PMO staff should buck the trend and not drag their toes. A post at Duration-Driven highlights three tasks that sometimes get ...

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PMOs Need to Embrace Big Data


As John McIntyre notes, it is strange that PMOs are so full of analysts yet not always eager to do analysis. Between software for project management, project portfolio management, customer relationship management, and myriad others, there are oodles of data sets PMOs could be examining closer to make better decisions. ...

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What Is an Agile PMO?


Marrying a really rigid taskmaster of a PMO with agile teams is never going to work. Fortunately, a PMO does not have to be an unending series of toll gates and turnstiles in order to be effective. In a post at Managed Agile, Chuck Cobb describes how the PMO and ...

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The Argument for Disbanding Your PMO


Is the project management office (PMO) an unnecessary obstacle preventing future progression? In a post for the Back from Red blog, the practicality of a PMO is analyzed and definitively put in its appropriate place. Do PMOs Shunt Responsibility? What is the role of a PMO? This tool is designed ...

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