Disorder in the PMO: Pros and Cons


Some people thrive in an orderly environment, while others need a little chaos to keep things interesting. Neither is necessarily better than the other, merely different styles. In a post for Duration-Driven, the idea of a little disorder in the project management office (PMO) is discussed, and why it may ...

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PMO Frameworks: An Overview


You Need A PMO, But Do You Know Why? People know they should have a PMO, but sometimes they aren’t quite sure what that means (or what PMO stands for, in some cases). The Project Management Institute noticed this problem and in an attempt to clarify

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Does Your PMO Take Customer Relationships Seriously?


You do not need experience in a racecar to get a driver’s license, but you do need to know how to drive. Likewise, a PMO may not need to get neck-deep in customer relationship management (CRM) software, but it does need to maintain customer relationships. A post at Duration-Driven discusses ...

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Continuous Improvement of Project Management Practices Is Hard to Do without a PMO!


When software projects aren’t completed on time, are over budget, or aren’t delivered successfully, companies bring PMOs in to reduce these project failures. Some companies, however, do not see the added value of PMOs to their companies, and will in

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Five Steps for When Estimating Goes Wrong


A splinter may not be life-threatening, but it still stings and we sure hate getting them. Small estimating errors inspire the same distaste. And of course, big estimating errors are horrors all by themselves. A post at Duration-Driven discusses five steps a PMO can take to mitigate the damage of ...

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PMO At Your Service


Take-Aways 1. The core mission of a Project Management Office is to help organizations improve project outcomes and improving how projects are executed. 2. Trends towards organizations that embrace improvisation in dealing with uncertainties, inform

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