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Execution Excellence

How to Spot a Priority Project

Some projects inherently matter more than others to the business, though the reasoning may not always be obvious. In a post for Project Management Tips, Elizabeth Harrin identifies some of the ways to spot a priority project. For instance, projects that enable other business capabilities will likely take precedent. Even …

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PMO as a Catalyst

There are numerous types of PMO, but in a post for HotPMO!, John McIntyre argues that they are all ultimately “catalytic PMOs.” Catalysts reduce the amount of energy needed to trigger chemical reactions, and PMOs reduce the amount of energy required to complete work. And thus the connection is made. …

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3 Tips to Think Bigger with Projects

Do not let stakeholders hog up all the imagination and strategic vision on projects. Get the PMO and project managers involved too in thinking bigger with projects. A post at Duration-Driven shares three quick tips to do just that. The first is to elevate the way you handle “standard” projects …

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The Obsequious PMO Loses

It is fantastic when everyone in the business can treat each other with the appropriate level of respect. It is however cause for concern when seeking to please takes precedent over delivering the best business results. A post at Duration Driven notes a couple examples of when the PMO should …

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